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What's New Archive (August, 2005)

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's August the 17th, the year is 2005. And the Payday Loan Investigators have been out digging up more dirt about these financial resources than you will believe. Below is the list of their most recent findings, compiled on four entirely new pages and updates on four existing pages. It's here for you. Make use of it, and make the right decision on whether a payday advance loan is really a good idea for you. Here you go...

The New Stuff:

  1. payday cash loan programs
  2. payday cash loan program

More New Pages:

  1. payday cash loans program
  2. payday cash loans programs

Some Updated Pages:

Another Pair of Updated Pages:

Good luck, sleuths.

-- The P.L.I. P.I.s


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