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Same Day Payday Loans

Same Day Payday Loans give you exactly that. A cash advance on the day in which you request it. That's the way it ought to be.

Same Day Payday Loans - Getting You Cash On The Very Same Day You Apply

How Do Same Day Payday Loans Work?

You might go into a place that's got a big sign advertising Same Day Payday Loans. Make sure you know what you're getting into - I know there's a lot more online venders that do a better job of providing same day payday loans than the local pawn shop that just happens to have a window there for that purpose. Terry was bothering me to dig a little deeper - she was going to be needing money and needing it fast.

I did some phone calls. I shook down some stoolies. "Tell me, Johnny, about these same day payday loans I keep hearing about." Johnny spilled like a drunken waiter with an overflowing pitcher. He was easy like that. Here is an actual transcript of the way things went down. Remember - when it comes to fast payday loans, you're not out there to make friends. It's kill or be killed out there, and you have to send a message. Let the Payday Loan Investigators help you send that message.

Johnny Talks About Same Day Payday Loans

"Jimmy, stop doing that to my arm."

"Johnny, you know I can't until you make with the payday loans details."

"OK, so the place down the street, they offer these same day payday loans that you can get for a fee, right?"

"I know all that, tell me how they do it."

"Well, you go in with your information, like a paystub and your checking AAAAH!"

"Sorry, Johnny. Dropped my smoke. Oops."

"That burns, you prick!"

"Sorry, Johnny. Dropped my smoke again. Oops."

"You're a real jerk. So, anyway, you gotta wait like twelve hours before they deposit the money."

"So you can get it done faster with some of those guys who do online payday loans?"

"Oh, yeah. Now, can I go?"

"Not yet. I see places that do instant payday loans - is that the same thing?"

"Well, a lot of them are on that internet. I hear you can buy some wood on the internet."

"Ha. That monkey's gonna be out of office soon enough."

"So, yeah, Linda's sister, she can get her cash fix online from one of those places that advertises cheap payday loans."

"I gotta look into that."

"Can you look into letting me go?"

"You've got an open warrant. After I drop you off at the 3rd Precinct, I'll look into getting me some coffee."

"You're a real prick, Jimmy Faul."

"I know."

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