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Payday Loans

Payday loans / advances of as much as $500... and the dames who needed that cash ... pronto... Them foxy dames, man. Can't live with 'em, can't live without a flask of Jack.

These Here Payday Loans Are Reliable Financial Options For All The Ladies...

The straight deal on payday loans, and so on and so forth

When I was looking to help Terry get a quick fiscal fix, I kept hearing cats and kittens talk about payday loans. It goes without saying that I was suspicious from the very beginning. Something smelled funny. Real funny. Just kind of off. I did some digging about - these payday loans - what are they? How can they do that? I called up a couple of my pals to see if...

A) They had a couple of hundred I could borrow to make sure the lights stayed on and the phone rang-a-dang-danged and

B) if they knew anything about these guys offering payday loans. What I found out changed by entire approach to this profession.

"Sure, Jim. I heard about this thing."Velutto told me on the phone.

"What thing? The payday loans thing?"

"Yeah, of course the payday loans thing. The thing you called me up to talk about, you dumb mick."

I got the skinny from Velutto and hung up, looking at the notes I'd made myself about fast payday loans. Amazing stuff, from what I gathered. Hard to believe these things have been around in our society just doing their thing, and that I haven't had a clue about them until my phone call with Velutto. I get the sense that he was not entirely forthcoming, and I've got a hunch that he's hiding information on faxless payday loans as well. But I'm on the right track now.

We will have to wait and see how this saga plays out with payday loans ...

You gotta take meticulous notes on payday loans

I tried to ignore the Hello Kitty logo on top of the notepad full of notes about cash loans and advances. My niece had left it and since I couldn't afford to hit Staples, it was the best I could do. Here's what I came up with - to get a payday loan, you're gonna have to write a check or sign an agreement in advance. They charge a fee for this service instead of doing interest like long-term loans. Usually, it's somewhere between twenty-five and fifty bucks for a two-week loan.

  • Places that provide cheap payday loans generally are a little slower about getting you the money, so you have to make sure you're able to wait an additional twenty four hours at maximum.
  • In other words, not instant payday loans in the literal sense, but still pretty quick in that they get you cash within the next 24 hours. Are we clear on that?
  • Good, because you are playing with fire if we are not clear.

That's the thing about payday cash loans - there's always something. Some string attached, or conditional thing. We cannot emphasize this enough. No matter what a stripper tells you, there is no such thing as free payday loans without a stipulation. What strippers have to do with this is a story for another time. Don't worry about that for now. Just focus on the task at hand. Remember: there's always a hitch when it comes to a cash advance. Always.

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