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Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans could be safe or dangerous, depending on who you trust.

Finding Out About Online Payday Loans In The Field

People often ask, how do online payday loans work?

So Terry needed me to dig into the seedy world of online payday loans.

I thought, at first, that you'd see a lot of seedy companies offering payday loans and, of course, I did come across that. You see sites set up by people who think online payday loans = good scam sometimes, but you just don't know until you get out there in the field and start investigating. That's my line of work, after all. There's a couple of things to look for before you start submitting information in the hope of getting instant payday loans.

  • Like any good Investigator, you need to get the full story before drawing any conclusions.
  • This is true if you are looking into various companies offering fast payday loans, just as it's true when determining if your dame is sneaking around behind your back.

First, make sure the site's got contact information for the people who run the company - look in the "About Us" section or "Contact Us" sections and write down any phone numbers you see. It's the first rule in any investigation - get contact information immediately. Secondly, any company that provides online payday loans must have a secure method of entering your information - look for the encryption lock in the corner of your internet browser. Third, make sure they sport a VeriSign or Better Business Bureau seal on their site. This shows that there's a reporting agency that watches them.

Online payday loans and you

So, I told Terry about these online payday loans. She wanted to know what they'd need in order to process her and get her the money as quickly as possible. I told her that she'd need at least proof that she was working (and she was, even though I don't count folding sweaters at The Gap as work) and one of two other things. You see, without at least one of these two requirements, there is no way Terry was gonna be able to qualify for online payday loans, and that's the plain truth:

  • Direct Deposit Checking Account Information
  • Direct Deposit Savings Account Information

Really, that's all you need. We're not bull$hitting you. With the advent of the faxless payday loans revolutions, credit checks and fax machines are giving way to all-Internet cash advances. Instant gratification abounds online. But, on the flip side of the coin, this is why you need to be careful about with whom you do business with - providers of online payday loans get banking account information that's very sensitive and you have to make sure you're dealing with someone that's reputable.

Loans that aren't online payday loans... or are they?

You'll see a few places out there in the "real world" that offer fast and faxless online payday loans In fact, you may run across quite a few such destinations. Call it what you want. You still have to get the straight deal on them loans if you know what's good for you. Some places offer same day payday loans with a lower fee, but less-fast service. Whatever. You are crazy if you don't demand to know the details up front, because let me tell you a thing or two. No provider of instant online payday loans wants to help you for nothing. These fools are all looking to get by, same as you.

My point is that online payday cash loans, much as they might seem like a great option, might not be depending on your situation or who you are contacting to help you with it. Everyone has got their own agenda in this world. Sure, you might find a place with some form of integrity, one that can offer you a good deal on fast online payday loans and tell you everything you need to know up front. Is that a guarantee, though? Absolutely not. Ha. You are nuts if you believe that. I guess 20 years in the field have jaded me and made me open my eyes to the cruel world. But whatever the reason, I know the havoc payday loans online can cause. Do not let 'em.

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