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Loan companies will say and do just about anything to get business. Keep this in mind.

Is Your Loan What It Seems? Let Me Take A Look.

A loan could be enormously beneficial, but...

... It can quickly come back to bite you if you aren't careful. Such is the double-edged sword of the short-term loan industry. If you, my good man, are considering taking out any sort of loan or cash advance, you have to know what it is you are getting yourself into. We have said this 100 times on our site already but it bears repeating. We are the Investigators and we would not be doing our jobs if we did not drive home the key points. Me personally? The name's Charley. I've been working this lousy job for two decades plus by now and have seen some s--t that you would not believe. Sure there are tough days. But someone's gotta do this job, and better me than a guy who can't handle the pressure.

What I tell consumers who are seekin' a loan

I tell them a great many things. When someone fills out the Contact Us form (see link below) or comes by my office in person, I tell them what I think and I shoot straight. There is no funny business or run around here. I call it like I see it when it comes to a fast loan application. First I tell consumers to think this through and make sure they are making the right decision in terms of seeking such an advance to begin with. If they are sure about that, first and foremost, then I proceed to the specifics.

Every case is different and warrants its own thorough investigation, but a couple of my general, steadfast rules when it comes to assessing a cash loan company are as follows (but by no means limited to):

  • Don't trust a personal loan company whose office is an RV with the engine running.
  • Make sure they don't require a credit check. Most good places will not. Understand?
  • If you have to fax documents before your loan application is approved, take a hike.
  • Be certain you know the fee scale and schedule up front. Trust me, it's a good move.

Check out more of my site and read some of my personal anecdotes and travels. This is a great place to learn about the loan biz and discover what I have seen first-hand when it comes to separating the good from the bad. Peace.

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