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Advice On Fast Loans From Our Investigative Team

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  • It's important to take note of the morals from this story.

How I got roughed up digging up info on fast loans

I never thought it would go down this way. Never did it cross my mind that fast loans online could lead to be getting kicked in the stomach early and often. I guess if there is one thing I have learned on this job it's to be prepared for everything. So there I was. Just standing around, thinking about fast bad credit loans when the bruiser grabbed me and tossed me into the alley next to Doyle's. I'd not seen "Gorilla" Marciani since I was ducking out of his sister's bedroom in the eleventh grade.

He'd not grown any smaller. That much I can tell you. In fact, he'd gotten quite a bit larger in the last 20 years, at least from the look I got.

"What's this about fast loans and you, man? You've been talking and people been listening! My boss is on my tail, yelling at me about making sure you don't bust his overnight loans operation."

"Gorilla, man, it's good to see you! How's Teresa? Is she- OOOF!" My midsection exploded, making me forget completely about these dam quick loans and the people that offer them. Sharp pains when I breathed made all concentration difficult.

"She's just fine and if you mention her name again, I swear on my mother's grave -"

"She's still alive, Gorilla. Your mom and my mom play Cribbage at the -- OOOOOF." You know, you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now, but I'd apparently taken too many shots to the noggin over the last few years. Apparently fast personal loans are something this guy took seriously, but even more seriously was how he responded to questions about Teresa. Or his momma. Heaven forbid you mention both. More pain ensued as he seemed fully intent about beating everything I knew about loans out of me right then and there. Man, this had sure gone awry.

"Wow, you know how to work those paws, Gorilla. Now, tell me, what's up? What do you care if I talk about fast loans with people?"

"My boss, he doesn't like it when people go to those fast payday loans joints. In fact, he told me that you need to stop telling people how to get money from places that aren't his own."

"You guys make the payday loans guys look like priests, man."

"I don't care about what you think, you little shrimp. Look, my boss is making forty on a hundred. He doesn't want people finding out that there's fast loans guys charging twenny-five."

"Twenny? There's a 'T' in there, you know. And he's totally ripping off people with his cash advances, you know that, right? Those fast loan cats-"

"Shut. Up. About. The. Fast Loan. Guys." He accented each word with a kick to my stomach, with the occasional punch in the arm for good measure. Lots of fun, I tell you what. I could barely keep my mind on the cash advance goals in my head.

He walked out of the alley, leaving me clutching my midriff and vowing that I would tell everyone I know to not get fast loans through his little gang. The fast cash loans business was better than they deserved.

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