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Cash loans are helpful, affordable resources for anyone in debt.

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Here's a story about cash loans

Curious about cash loans and how they can help you?

Read on.There are lessons to be learned.

So there I was, walking the beat and looking to dig up some dirt. I stuck my head in at Doyle's. Tommy's not terribly fond of me these days - I owe him nearly one large with my tab and haven't had a chance to pay him off completely. He sees my huge head with that fedora Linda got me and waves me in. I immediately think it's time for me to look into a cash advance myself so I can handle the bill.

"Need something, Jimmy?" He starts pouring me a shot.

"Hey, I can't pay for that, you know."

"I know. I heard you were having one of those days. I keep hearing something about cash loans?"

Now I have been in the business long enough that I can normally sense a leading question. Yet there was something about Tommy I always trusted. Nevertheless, you can't know when a guy is gonna turn. So I answered his cash loan question, albeit reluctantly, and with caution. It's the only way to proceed in my line of work.

"Not for me. Even though I keep thinking that payday loans would be great if I wasn't my own boss and had a payday coming up." I slug back the Booker's. Top shelf stuff - what did Tommy want from me?

"I hear ya, Jimmy, I hear ya. Hey, I have a question for you."

"Those normally cost."

"So does bourbon."

"Touche. What do you need to know? Say it's not about cash loans, please."

"Oh, it's about cash loans. My baby brother, you know, Timmy."

"Yeah, I know him. What's he done?" I gestured at the empty shot glass.

"He got himself in with some guy - owes him $625 for a $500 deal! What's that about?" Tommy poured me another and leaned against the counter. "These freaking cash advance loans cats have ruined my neighborhood, you see? I wanna know what the score is."

"See, you gotta know that these fast cash loans, they don't charge interest. They charge a per-amount fee. Sort of like a per-diem on the funds you borrow. Usually, it's $25 for every $100. So, like, you borrow five large, you end up paying back six and a quarter with one of these here loans. Now, they don't do any sort of credit check, so these be straight up bad credit loans, so for a lot of people that need money fast, it works out great. That's the long and short of it, man!"

"But now my baby brother, he's asking me for money to pay off his guy for the cash loans! What do I do."

"That's what you get for having siblings who need cash advances, pal. I gotta hit the bricks. Yes, I know no one talks like that. Thanks for the shot and kiss your wife for me."

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