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Cash Advances

Cash advances have helped many a small business (and individual consumer) get ahead.

Get Money Now In The Form Of Cash Advances!

Is there something fishy about cash advances?

With the right companies offering you cash advances, you can get ahead of all of your debt and everything, but I had to find out, for the kid's sake: what did they need before you could get one of their loans?

How easy could it really be to get cash advances?

You could not help but be suspicious about anything promoted as being this easy. I made some calls to guys that offered fast loans to get some ideas before I hit the streets, Seems like it's not all just bells and whistles and funny hats when someone applies for no fax cash advances. You gotta give them some information before they'll contemplate letting you near a fast loan, despite the claims they make on their websites and in the little ads in the back of the Penny Saver.

Read on to find out how the companies that offer payday cash advances make good on their promises.

The requirements for cash advances are pretty basic

Sure, they were a coupla requirements to getting cash advances.

They had to make sure they weren't issuing cash loans to idiots that would just as soon rip off their grandmother. Made sense, really, but I hate making lists. Still, the kid wanted to know all there was to online cash advances and the rest of the companies, so I did my thing with the pen and the writing and came up with what I call three basic requirements. Any company that issues payday loans or the like requires these to make sure that you're going to pay them back.

  • First, you have to have enough ID to make sure that you are who you say you are. What's funny here is that military loans are easier to get thanks to military ID cards. The rest of us have to muddle through with giving them our names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and social security numbers. They have to make sure that you are who you say you are before they give you one of their bad credit loans.
  • Then you have to make sure that you can prove that you have a job so they know that you'll pay back the payday loan you get from them. This is, as you can imagine, pretty important. They'll need to know the name of your employer as well as the total amount you are paid each month and the dates of your next two paychecks.
  • Finally, most companies are going to deposit your cash advance directly, so you're going to need to make sure that you give them enough information so that they can put the money in your checking or savings account. Give them the number and your transfer information for the account and they'll send your payday advance right in.

That's all it takes, really. Now, I have to figure out which companies to work with.

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