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Cash Advance

Cash advance companies. Dig 'em. Or else.

Cash Advance: Secure One Today

A cash advance story

Does this parable about a no fax cash advance make sense? Probably not. But you tell us.

With a cash advance, you know what you be getting

"I knew that getting information on a cash advance wasn't going to be easy, but this is ridiculous." I tried to say this as calmly as I could while Vincetti circled my chair like a shark during feeding time at Seaworld. If I'd know that finding out about cash advance loans was going to be such a problem, I'd have stayed in the office and played solitaire. Still, Terry needed to know all I could find out about setting her up with some money, so here I was.

Vincetti smoked cheap, nasty cigarettes, the kind that you picked up without any real brand name on them. He'd made a couple of million in the cash advance game, but he was so cheap, he could squeeze blood from a penny. I'd run across him a couple of years ago, when he was fencing goods and offering loans to neighborhood kids. He'd gotten a long way in his career, mostly because of that mook he'd hired to punch people like me who sniffed around the cash advance business he ran.

"I don't like you, Faul. I haven't liked you for a long, long time. I don't like you asking people about my business. You should know that already. Come on. I don't like you inquiring about cash advance options like you are some kinda freaking GI Joe guy.

The cash advance saga continues

I really, really don't like you telling someone that my payday loan terms are unacceptable. This is now how we do business, you see. You pay me some respect when I ask for some respect, and I help you and your little friend with that military loans that she's wanting." All of this came out his mouth in a performance that would have made Al Pacino cry with its hamminess.

"You know, Vincetti, I'd not have to ask about your fast loan business if you didn't make it a regular habit to have your boys wail on me. I am a reasonable fellow just looking for some information about these here loans for a friend. Is that illegal?

Is it wrong to see if you're offering a fair deal on a cash advance loan? Well .... is it? Answer me! Does it bug you that a soft-shoed dick like me is making sure that your loans are the real deal? How insecure are you, anyway?"

"ALl of these things you're talking about, that's fine. But you know, talking to people about my payday loans like we're dealing drugs to orphan nuns, man...I don't like that. Tell you what. You lay off my couple of blocks here, I give your girl...Terry, right? I give her some sweet deals on cash advances. I don't need no collateral or nothing, man. That is just how I roll. You can either question it or you can move on. That's how I am - I can totally make her happy with my bad credit loans."

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