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My name's Jim Faul. I'm a single guy living in the big city. You see lots of things here. People stretched too thin. Can't make ends meet. You see people doing stupid things - borrowing money from friends and family and getting stuck, breaking their bonds. I get sick of that. I decided to look at what's out there for people who don't have the best credit but need a "little extra" to get by until the next paycheck. They can't walk into a bank and ask - they'll get laughed right out.

My best gal is Linda. She takes care of me. If I need something, she's a phone call away. Keeps to herself for the most part - I see her maybe once, twice a year. It works out. She's a looker - has her own thing going on. Turned out her baby sister was in trouble. I get a call, telling me to meet her at a diner. She needed a short-term loan. I'm cash strapped, being a single guy who occasionally takes pictures of women doing things they shouldn't with married men and then showing those photos to the man's spouse for money. You'd think that with all the men canoodling around out there, it'd be easy money. It's not. Terri asked me for $400. I told her that'd put me $100 in debt with the bank and Tommy over at Doyle's would break my legs if I charged another dime to the tab I'd worked up there.

She needed help. I couldn't do anything and I knew that I didn't want to hand her over to Vinnie's boys - they'd make a dame like her hide her face forever. So I did some investigating, looking into what's out there for someone with no credit that knows they can cover a marker extended for a week or two without worrying about getting their legs broken.

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